Here we go.

Whew. Okay. I haven’t really blogged since I was 14. I mean, as in, intense blog entries or things that were thought provoking. Here I intend to do that. I want to journal my path during these last few months of high school as well as my freshman year in college. I’ll try and keep it consistent. I’ve linked several other social media sites where I’m active and there’s an about in the home bar thing up above. God damn wordpress is so complicated to me. 

Right now I’m just trying to get over my procrastination struggles. I’m trying to become interested in things again. Instead of laying in bed all day doing nothing productive. 

This blog is just gonna be me 100%. I’m not really going to sugarcoat things so that I can get people to follow me or like me. I don’t care. It’d be nice to know people read this but at least I have it for me. 

So I guess that’s really all I have to add right now.